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Analogue Strong Motion Accelerograph (SMA-1)

The SMA1 is a triaxial strong motion accelerograph housed in a light-tight, watertight cast aluminum base and cover. The SMA1 records photo - optically on 70mm film. The instrument remains in a standby condition until an earthquake trigger instrument starter .The light source and film drive motor . These cause the source of light to get start and simultaneously the record is printed on the film by light pen recorder.
The SMA1 contains an Event Indicator which shows when an earthquake has been recorded. Before an event, it is black after an event, it is a white. The Event Indicator is reset to black by momentarily turning the key switch to TEST.

Digital Strong Motion Accelelograph (SSA-2)

The SSA-2 offers the low cost digital alternative to the SMA-1for regional strong motion seismology network applications and for structural monitoring applications TheSSA-2detects earthquakes by monitoring the acceleration signals from each of the triaxnal acceleroments when the motion exceeds the user defined threshold, selected between.1 and 10% of full scale, the data are recorded directly into RAM. with a resolution of 1 part in 2000,the SSA-2 can record a full scale of 1g as well as perturbations as small as 000.5g in the same record .the frequency response from zero to 50 Hertz  enables the SSA-2 to be used on a wind variety of applications. The simple RS-232C serial interface facilitates connection to telephone lines for remote interrogation. event time duration and peak acceleration are recorded in each event header for rapid retrieval and evaluation.


Digital Strong Motion  digital Accelerometer (CMG-5TD)

The CMG-5TD is a fully digital triaxial force feedback accelerometer with a large dynamic range, suitable for seismology, hazard mitigation and civil engineering applications. It combines the well regarded CMG-5T strong motion instrument with an integrated DM24 digitizer, to form a low-noise sensor with direct RS232


- Low-noise components for precision and dynamic range
Full-scale sensitivity from 0.1 to 4.0 g
Additional high gain outputs
Low pass corner from 50 to 100 Hz
Isolated power supply for 10 – 36 V operation
Completely waterproof and robust; suitable for installation in remote locations
Compact (205 mm height, 152 mm diameter) and lightweight (3.6 kg) for easy transportation

Other options

Base plate, fixing ring and bolts for secure mounting
Direct data download over FireWire or USB
On-board LCD display allowing operators to monitor triggers and memory usage in real time

Solid - State Recorder (SSR- 1)
The Kinemetrics SSR- 1 is a highly flexible digital seismographic event recorder which records into 1 megabyte of CMOS static RAM. As an option, the memory can be expanded to 4 megabytes. The standard SSR-1 is a three - channels reccorder, optionally, it can be ordered with six  recording channels. A 16-bit A/D converter gives the SSR-1
a dynamic range of 96 dB. The sensitivity may be increased by a 60 dB front-end preamp (the gain is software selectable in steps of 20 dB).
The SSR-1 can be operated in a single unite configuration or in an interconnected configuration (common trigger, sampling, and /or timing) with other SSR- 1 recorders for large multi-channel applications.


Portable Drum Recorder (PS-2)

The PS-2 portable seismograph is a rugged and highly flexible drum recorder for dependable and easy field operation. Typical applications include seismicity studies and monitoring of dam sites and volcanoes. Aftershock recording in single or multiple configuration is easily handled by the PS-2.

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